The enamel is a two component high build resin, which is solvent-free and odourless, intended for professional use. When cured, it has the following characteristics:

Trasparency and shine: in both the neutral and coloured transparent versions, the enamel has a transparency and shine that is similar to glass.

Hardness and adhesion:  the enamel has outstanding adhesion on a variety of support materials (glass, metal, precious metals, plastics, leather, stone, wood and other natural materials) making it widely used. Historically, enamel is characterized for its distinguishing hardness and gloss, yet it can also be produced with varying degrees of elasticity to the point of softness, like that of rubber, while remaining exceptionally shiny. This ensures that it can be applied to both rigid and flexible materials alike.

Resistance: resistant to scratches, knocks, mechanical pressure, and with good light resistance (for the level of resistance of individual colours, please refer to the specific data sheet).

Enamel can be sanded and polished. All the colours available can also be supplied with a higher viscosity so that they can be used for outlines (in gel form, for this process please refer to the specific data sheet).


Excellent adhesion to glass

Strong, elastic, hard surface

Good resistance to alkalis and acids

Good resistance to solvents

Good resistance to light

Does not contains lead or cadmium

For further chemical or physical information please consult the safety data sheet and package label.