Available in 11 colours from the colour chart that can all be mixed together. This is particularly suitable for the plique-à-jour process, for decorating stained glass and to use in conjunction with glitter powder. It is also used as a very strong two component glue for gemstones and rhinestones.

Available in more than 30 colours to create any covering paint (colour cross-references for PANTONE®, RAL®, NCS®, etc).

Mother-of-pearl effect
Forty beautiful colours composed of white, two-colour, and plural chromatic pearl effects to obtain fabulous gradations of colour. Particularly suitable for decorating fashion and gold jewellery, silverware, party favours and gifts.

Ten bright, glossy colours used to create fashion decorations.
These can also be mixed in small batches with colours from the covering series, enabling the colour tone to be enhanced.

These let you create decorations that can be seen in the dark.

Created from the composition of the transparent series and solvent resistant polyester glitter powder.

Paints can be mixed together from within each of the abovementioned series to obtain an infinite range of colours, effects and decorations.