The glass represents in the collective imagination the idea of transparency: an almost magical material that, despite its thickness and its shape, lets see perfectly the whole world behind, creating deformations or plays of light depending on its shape and position.

This magic can be changed by coloring the glass itself. Imagine being able to see through a transparent red, blue, yellow or green colored glass! In order to maintain its characteristic, however, colored glass must maintain its natural characteristics: be cold, smooth, hard and fragile at the same time. In the past it was only possible to color the glass in its liquid state, i.e. by adding inorganic dyes into the melting basin to obtain a colored material. Despite the wide range of colors available, however, this processing was long and expensive.

Later they were studied and realized “hot” colors to be applied on the glass object that, by means of annealing, became one with the piece and then, through a colored screen, gave the idea that the glass had already been born with that precise color .

Towards the 80s, through the research in the industrial chemical sector, organic paints were created that allow a “cold” decoration of the glass itself, with an unlimited range of colors as they can be mixed together. VISA COLORS has twenty years experience in the production of organic cold glass paint and a large online catalog.

A glass varnish must be easy to apply, have a good adhesion on the substrate, be glossy and shiny, rigid to the touch but able to support all the typical expansion of the glass according to the temperature at which it is located. In addition, the colored coating applied must resist acids, alkalis, solvents, perfumes, ultraviolet irradiation and if glass is an object for the table also support washing the dishwasher. VISA COLORS offers a cold paint for glass that allows an easy and lasting decoration, available in the following versions: transparent, opaque, pearly, metallized, fluorescent, phosphorescent, gilttered, etc.

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