The Visa Group is the most all-round and reliable partner for your business, be it industry, craft workshop, or commercial activity.
Visa is composed of two departments, Colour (Visa Colors srl) and Accessories (Visa Fashion srl), which offer the best in current trends for all fashionable decorations and gifts.

The expertise and experience we have gained and the continuous research and development of our professional staff, enable Visa to offer full and on-going advice to bring your ideas to life, based on the latest fashion trends and cutting edge decoration techniques.

Visa Colors srl
The Colour Department (Visa Colors srl) is the most established part of the company, specializing for over 20 years in the production of industrial paints and artistic enamels for prestigious brands and at international level. It is aimed at all sectors where a high quality finish of the items produced is required, such as jewellery, gold jewellery, home furnishings, gifts and lighting.

Visa Fashion srl
Visa has increased its product offering with the Accessories Department (Visa Fashion srl) over the last ten years by creating a specific branch dedicated to gemstones, metallic semi-finished products and fashion accessories to once again combine quality and the right price. The vast choice of materials, colours, shapes and cuts of the gemstones and the diverse assortment of fashion accessories, from fashion jewellery to leather goods and gifts, make Visa Accessories (Visa Fashion srl) the ideal partner for anyone working in the world of fashion who seeks to offer new products and style.

Thanks to our cutting laboratory, where a gemologist and specialized technicians work, Visa helps companies from the design or purchase of prototypes, to the production or supply of the items requested. Our large Accessories Department showroom and extensive warehouse of raw materials from the Colour Department, offer a wide range of technical and creative solutions aimed at the maximum customization of the product that you want to create, always in complete confidentiality in order to protect your projects.

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