Pneumatic single dispenser for enamel

Pneumatic single dispenser for enamel.

Available with syringe attachments: 10ml, 30ml, 60ml.



Pneumatic single dispenser for  enamel. To facilitate and speed up the application of the glaze, Visa manufactures and markets the enamel dosers in the version with 1 or 2 workstations. These are pneumatic devices that allow the enamel to be deposited quickly and precisely on the piece to be decorated.

Different sizes of syringes and needles are available in order to better dose the quantity of product to be used and optimize the precision of the stretch.

Once the syringe has been hooked into the special bayonet fitting, the operator can control the product output by pressing the appropriate pedal and stop the output by releasing it.
Any dripping are avoided by the “luer-lock” connection of the needles used. The working pressure can be varied by means of a pressure switch and is indicated by the pressure gauge placed in front of the dispenser. It is advisable to work at a pressure lower than 3 bar.

The same dispenser can also be used for glues or viscous fluids (for example, BSF 200 Paint Gel).