Jewel 3D Design

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Visa Fashion is able to give substance to the ideas of its customers, thanks to its jewelry design department.

The development of prototypes takes place starting from tools for virtual design and rendering, in particular CAD / CAM software systems, new technology that has brought positive advantages.

It has in fact become easier to monitor production results in advance, manage contingencies, satisfy every request more quickly and more accurately, and find the most suitable solutions. In fact, thanks to the receipt of a digital file by the customer, it becomes easier to understand the individual needs, give it concreteness, evaluating in a more rapid time the possible limits that can exist between a 3D drawing and a stone working (or another material).


Thanks to the use of software it is possible to simulate the final appearance of the object through rendering: the customer is thus able to see the evolution of his project, and it is also possible to evaluate, where necessary, to make technical modifications for the realization.
Having a virtual product, designed on video, involves a series of advantages, defining forms, thicknesses, dimensions, weight, factors that are able to highlight all the information for the production, allowing to find the most suitable solutions every time and guaranteeing comply with the most particular requests.


In the development phase it is possible to calculate the construction costs in real time, checking the weight, the number of stones that will be used, the type of embedding. These are aspects that require a long and vast experience in the goldsmith and CAD design sector.
We use state-of-the-art equipment to combine in support of manual (strictly artisanal) processes used for making jewelery stones.

Our cutting laboratory is also equipped with C.N.C. that allow us to carry out works or parts of them speeding up certain phases, we use synthetic materials such as reconstituted stones, resins, and technomaterials that imitate precious stones, hard stones and many of the families of natural stones.

We call ourselves jokingly, technological craftsmen, because we consider it a duty to open the mind to new technologies, experiment with the possibilities that the technique obviously provides us without ever losing the knowledge and the artisan technique acquired over the years of experience of our cutters, a very important legacy to pass on and preserve. .


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