To make enamel application quicker and easier, Visa produces and markets enamel dosing devices in two versions with 1 or 2 workstations

These are pneumatic devices that allow the enamel to be deposited quickly and accurately on the piece to be decorated.

Various sizes of syringes and needles are available to enable you to better measure out the amount of product to use and optimize the precision of line. Once the syringe is attached to the correct bayonet cap the operator can control the output of the product by pressing the pedal, and interrupt the flow by then releasing the pedal.

Any leaking or dripping is avoided by the Luer-Lock fitting on the needles used.

The working pressure can be varied by means of a pressure switch and is indicated by the manometer pressure gauge located on the front of the dosing device. We advise you to work at a pressure of less than three bars.

Dosing devices can be equipped with three different sizes of attachment depending on the syringes that you want to use.

Syringes are available in the following sizes which refer to the internal capacity:
-10 ml
– 30 ml
– 60 ml

Truncated needles can be used in each of the three different types of syringe and are available in the following sizes, (internal dimension of the hole):

– ø 0.3 YELLOW
– ø 0.4 BROWN
– ø 0.5 ORANGE
– ø 0.6 BLUE
– ø 0.7 BLACK
– ø 0.8 GREEN
– ø 0.9 YELLOW
– ø 1.10 BEIGE
– ø 1.20 PINK
– ø 1.80 WHITE