Gel Effects
Our Gel paint is a two component high build paint available in transparent, covering, pearlized, metalized and fluorescent versions. This paint has exceptional adhesion on various substrate materials including glass, metal, wood, stone and plastics. The transparent version (neutral and coloured) is particularly popular for the finish it achieves on glass, on which you can produce endless weaves and textures using a wide variety of different tools (brush, spatula, dabber, screen printing, sponge, syringe, comb, fork, etc.).
It is workable for around an hour, and once dry is similar to glass for its hardness, transparency and gloss.

It can also be blended with glitter and crushed glass. Moreover, this paint is often used as glue for glass, gemstones, rhinestones and other types of applications on different materials. In its coloured versions it is used to create three-dimensional decorations.


Chrome Effect
Various types of mirrored chrome effect paints are available with different degrees of gloss, adhesion and resistance. These enable you to achieve reflective screening (partial or total) on the reverse of transparent materials such as glass, Plexiglas, ABS, polycarbonate, methacrylate, etc.





Ancient archaeological find effect, marble and textured Effects
These are one or two component paints that allow the imitation of various surface finishes on different support materials with the aim of creating a wide range of decorations.





Cracked Effect
Composed of two paints applied one on top of the other that produce cracks in varying sizes to create decoration on two levels.






Velvet Effect
By applying nylon fibre onto a painted support you can achieve warm, soft decorations.